WWE WrestleMania 33: 10 Post-Show Predictions for 2017

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3. Finn Balor Finally Forms Balor Club

Finn Balor being away from WWE since the night after SummerSlam has hurt. He had won the Universal Championship, but was forced to give it up after injuring his shoulder. It marked the stalling of a promising run as a top babyface on Raw, as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have since taken their spots back in the driver’s seats.

With Balor potentially being back on WWE programming soon, it only makes sense to bring him back with a bang. If the company wants to amplify this, they’ll create the long-awaited Balor Club.

When the Demon King first arrived to the main roster in July 2016, a rocket was attached to his back and allowed him to take off as Raw’s top babyface. While that plan seemed to be working, the injury stalled it. The landscape of the WWE has changed since, so why not go in another direction?

Balor forming the Balor Club would be with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, whom he has a documented history with from NJPW. They can bring WWE the Bullet Club stable they never had, which wouldn’t be full of gun references like the group overseas, but something to test out and see if fans eat up merchandise sales and how popular they become.

Balor being a heel in WWE hasn’t been tested before either, as he became the face of NXT for about one year. Can he succeed in this role as a villanous leader?