WWE WrestleMania 33 Results: Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Highlights


Undertaker set to battle Roman Reigns in what could be Taker’s last ride at WrestleMania 33.

It’s the battle for the yard at Undertaker’s most prestigious show, WrestleMania 33.  Roman Reigns has been nicknamed the Big Dog and claims that WWE is his yard.  Undertaker, on the other hand, has always been the Big Dog and claimed that the ring is his yard.  This rivalry started after Roman Reigns eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble.

Undertaker has ruled WrestleMania and he could be approaching his last.  It is only fitting that he is in the main event of what could potentially be his last ride.  He battles one of WWE’s top stars as fans are clamoring for shenanigans.  Can Roman Reigns unseat the true Big Dog?

The Undertaker always has the mental advantage by forcing his opponent to wait on him. Undertaker starts with his signature strikes and is forceful about keeping Reigns out of his yard.

Reigns seems to be in trouble on the outside of the ring but fights back when the match goes back inside.  Undertaker sets up a couple announce tables for destruction and uses one to add more to his Chokeslam.

Roman Reigns uses his instincts to spear Undertaker through the Spanish announce table.  He gets a little too comfortable and starts to trash talk in the corner allowing Taker to fight back.

The verbal abuse only angers the Deadman as he thrashes Reigns with a chair.  Roman Reigns goes to the well too many times and Undertaker locks in the Hell’s Gates.

Reigns returns the favor with the steel chair and Undertaker is struggling to stand.  The near falls start to play with the mind of Reigns as frustration builds.  The Undertaker tries to sit up but can’t muster the strength and it seems academic.

After multiple Spears and Superman Punches, Roman Reigns put the original Big Dog down.  The Undertaker takes in the adulation of the fans in Orlando and leaves his gear in the middle of the ring.