WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Worst Moments

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What were the five worst moments to come out of WrestleMania 33?

WWE stumbled, struggled and then picked themselves again on the promise of a new era during WrestleMania 33. The event for sure had its ups and downs and fans all over the world would argue about the best moments of the night. Fans of the Roman Empire would remember this night as a historic one. But every wrestling fan out there couldn’t help but feel a missing heartbeat as the Undertaker took off his gloves for one last time.

However, there were plenty of feel-good moments throughout the event. John Cena would propose to his long time girlfriend Nikki Bella. Though the moment was not as much a feel-good one as WWE would have hoped, it was good indeed. The Hardy Boys would make a surprise return and shock the entire world. They would also put the entire tag division on notice as they captured the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Elsewhere on the card, Dean Ambrose had yet another disappointing WrestleMania outing. Does the Lunatic Fringe have a curse on him when it comes to the Show of Shows? Mojo Rawley found himself at the end of a mini push and the women on both divisions slugged it out for their WrestleMania moment.

Between Styles and Shane McMahon’s match that would exceed all expectations and Wyatt’s dropping of the WWE title, what moments clicked with the fans? What moments could stir the latest controversy amidst the WWE universe? Here are Daily DDT’s top 5 picks for the worst moments of the night.