WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Worst Moments

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4. The Intercontinental Title Match

Again, this could have been prevented had some of those musical performances were not there. A title as prestigious as the IC title being defended during the Kickoff show tells you volumes. Moreover, the bout could have been used as Baron Corbin’s launch pad to superstardom. But as fate would have it, it ended as nothing but a mediocre and forgetful affair.

The fact that the performers barely had 9 minutes to tell a story adds insult to injury. Is there some sort of spell being cast on Dean Ambrose that he must not have a good singles bout at WrestleMania? A lot of us would have expected this match to be the redeeming one after the failed experiment with Brock Lesnar last year. However, that would not be the case yet again this year.

Moreover, this would ideally waste all the hard work that was put into building the IC title by the Miz, Ziggler and SmackDown Live creative team. In a moment of blunt booking, WWE managed to devalue the title. The only positive the IC title could plead for itself would that unlike the SmackDown tag title, it was at least featured on the card.

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What could have been an entertaining affair would end up being a flat match. Given Corbin’s history with PPV outings and his entertaining chairs match with Kalisto, this match could have gone the distance. However, for that to happen, Ambrose should have been allowed to go wild and the performers should have been given more time. Moreover, Corbin should have gone over in the end.