Roman Reigns on Post-WrestleMania WWE Raw Crowd Reactions


Following Monday night’s raucous crowd reaction to Roman Reigns, he responded with slightly more words than his brief promo.

Roman Reigns opened Monday’s episode of Raw to a reaction unlike anything ever seen. Sure, he’s received poorly in just about every big city with a hot fan base, but the post-WrestleMania crowds are different — they’re wild, overpowering and will do anything to drive their point across, if there is anything.

The reaction Reigns received ranged from “you suck” to “delete,” “f*** you” and other explicit chants. To say this was not PG programming is an understatement — it should have received the “M” stamp in the corner of your television screen.

After the dust settled down — which took about 15 minutes — Reigns spoke, saying “This is my yard now,” referring to defeating the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. That only drew more boos.

The morning after, the New Big Dog took to Twitter to comment on these reactions. He hits it on the head with saying “maybe the loudest [segment] of the past 2 decades.” However, that he could have stood there for “another 15 min.” is fair too.

With the way the Amway Center crowd sounded, they may have lasted all night. WWE, of course, has a TV show to produce, so that couldn’t happen. Reigns had to walk away to keep it going, but that he stood for so long without saying anything only proves his point.

As long as fans make noise for Reigns — cheers or boos — he’s not going away. The crowds are eliciting the response WWE wants, and thus are in the palm of the company’s hands. This will surely continue, with WWE sitting back and letting the fans do what they want while driving attention to their man in the ring.

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Boo or cheer Roman Reigns all you want, because as long as you’re giving him a response, you’re doing what WWE wants.