WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 3

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The New Raw GM Sucks

The big takeaways from Vince’s appearance were definitely big. First, there’s no denying he knows that the fans disagree with I’m about Reigns. I mean, we had an idea that he knew, but confirmation is huge.

Next: A “Superstar Shakeup” next week affects the rosters. There’s been a lot of desire to see certain superstars switch brands – AJ going back to Raw and The Club, Sami Zayn heading to SmackDown, etc. It remains to be seen if any of that happens.

Finally, and the biggest of the bunch, is Vince naming a new Raw General Manager. Stephanie will be out for “some time” after her table spot at Mania, and Foley got fired, so Vince chose Kurt Angle. It had been widely assumed this would be the case – in fact, I predicted it several weeks ago when Foley was forced to fire someone.

And, hey, we got a Teddy Long appearance out of this segment, too. So there was really something for everyone here!

As far as Angle goes, it will be interesting to see how he responds to Stephanie once she returns. There is a lot of history between the two from back in the day, and that should be acknowledged. Regardless, having Kurt Angle back on TV on a regular basis is a great thing for everybody.