WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 3

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Bayley, Dana Brooke, & Sasha Banks vs. Emma, Nia Jax, & Charlotte Flair

Result: Bayley, Dana Brooke, & Sasha Banks defeated Emma, Nia Jax, & Charlotte Flair via submission

Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars

How good is it to see Emma again? Thank god we didn’t have to wait another 17 weeks to get the best version of Emma back.

On the same token, how bad is it that Dana Brooke is on the opposite team from two of her prior associates? I was a little nervous at first that there would be no acknowledgement of Emma’s history with Dana; thankfully that was cleared up quickly.

For me, this match saw way too much of Bayley being dominated. Lest we all forget, she’s the Women’s Champion, you know? Technically, that makes her the best woman on the roster. She should not have been the one to take all the damage, not after winning a four-way eliminator 24 hours prior.

And these camera cuts are getting out of hand, because I could have sworn that Sasha was turning on Bayley and intentionally not taking the tag. It took an extra second before I realized Charlotte pulled her off the apron.

Post-match, Nia asserts herself as the dominant force in the Raw Women’s division. Charlotte tried to do that, but nope. And Emma is the smartest one out there, because she ran away quicker than a dog stealing table scraps.

Angle Has His First Intervention

Sami Zayn is a weirdo. A goofy, fun weirdo, but a weirdo nonetheless. I mean, we can all see that he’s pushing to be traded to SmackDown, right?

Also, I can’t help but feel like Jinder Mahal is benefitting greatly from Rusev’s injury. Like, If he wasn’t hurt, it would be Rusev as the final man eliminated from the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.