WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 4

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Nakamura Has Arrived

After another commercial break, The Miz and Maryse come out to the ring to once again impersonate their rivals. Performing as John Cena yet again, Miz lists one of the famous “Cena Rules” before switching the tone to romance. Focusing on his proposal to Maryse (aka Nikki Bella), Cena goes on to say that he loves his future bride. Nikki is joyful over the announcement, and a little jab is made about the proposal being a result of manipulation.

The segment continues for a bit longer, with “Cena and Nikki” revealing that everything in their relationship, from the engagement ring to their love, is absolutely fake. Despite this, the couple announces they are going to do something special. Something they promised to never do. Planning to leave the WWE Universe for Hollywood, the two begin saying goodbye when Shinsuke Nakamura debuts! The live crowd goes absolutely nuts, chanting his name the moment he enters the squared circle.

Choosing to live to fight another day, Miz leaves with Maryse before any physical altercation can occur. Nakamura performs his trademark pose to end the segment. This was without a doubt the coolest moment on the show, and like I said before; SmackDown Live is going to have an amazing singles division.

By far, the dream match here is going to be Nakamura versus the real John Cena. It would be a battle for the ages, and a big money match for WWE. Until that day, let’s enjoy the debut of one of the most polarizing athletes in NXT history.