WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 4

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Street Fight
Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose

Result: Baron Corbin wins via pinfall

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

The next chapter in the feud between Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose occurs here tonight on SmackDown Live. Contested under a no holds barred environment, these two will put everything on the line. For the Lone Wolf, this is a must-win situation if he hopes to battle for the Intercontinental Championship. Should the Lunatic Fringe win, he ensures that a new challenger will step up to face him in the future.

Using the Street Fight parameters to their advantage, the two athletes wasted no time taking it to one another. The weapons hidden under the ring quickly make an appearance, with a table and chairs being the first. Later on, Corbin decided to use a leather strap to punish his opponent, wearing Ambrose down. Eventually, the IC Champion gets back into the match, using a steel chair to even the score and disorient Corbin. The action makes its way to the outside, and yet another table is used.

Putting Corbin through the table with a devastating elbow drop, Ambrose choices this moment to go for the finish. Unfortunately, he takes another risk by going to the top rope and pays for it. The Lone Wolf managed to recover long enough to cause Ambrose to fall groin first into the ropes. This leaves the Intercontinental Champion for the End of Days, ending the match and tying the series at one a piece.