WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Performance Evaluations

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Performance evaluations for each of Wrestlemania 33’s matches.

For many people, having your job evaluated by a superior is a painful, yearly occurrence.  It’s normally anywhere from 10-60 minutes of your boss dissecting every single thing you did, or didn’t do, throughout the course of the calendar year and in conclusion, renders whether you exceeded your expectations, just achieved them, or did not meet them at all.  At the end of this tedious process, your manager then lays out a list of expectations for the following year and then about 365 days later you do this whole thing over again to see if these goals have been met.

WWE superstars have bosses, no doubt about that.  But when it comes evaluating particular in-ring performances, the WWE fans take over that role.  Many websites, like this one, review and grade every match from each televised show.  There are thousands of forums where people can go and voice their displeasure or satisfaction with each pay per view whether it be message boards, chat rooms, radio stations, or podcasts.  So yes, the WWE Universe’s voice is undoubtedly heard loud and clear when it comes to match performance.

For each Wrestlemania 33 match, there were expectations.  Some big, some tempered, some unsure.  So which ones achieved the criteria, exceeded it, or came up short?  Read ahead to find out.