WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Performance Evaluations

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Non-Sanctioned Match: Seth Rollins vs Triple H

You know, the entrances to this match alone could’ve put these two guys into the “exceeds” category but then the match itself did the same.  A healthy Seth Rollins would’ve made this match a no-doubt instant classic on paper, but throw in the litany of injuries to “The Architects” knee and suddenly no one really knew what to expect.  And what did the 70,000 fans at The Citrus Bowl and the millions of fans watching at home get?  Very simply put, the match of the night.

Everything in this match just worked.  “The Game” wasted no time viciously attacking Rollins’ knee with a variety of methods, namely a reverse figure four and a steel chair.  Rollins, ever the showman, played the injury up perfectly and never forgot about it.  He played the role of a hero, knowing his limitations but fearlessly testing them.  Even Stephanie was great.  Her smug attitude towards Rollins and her egotistical confidence in her husband oozed at ringside and by the time she flew through that table, she had the WWE Universe begging for it.

Triple H, at 47 years old, proved at Wrestlemania that he can still go and Rollins, in what was the most important win of his career showed that his best days still might be ahead of him.  It was one of those matches, although nearly 26 minutes of action, felt like it was over just like that and left the fans thirsting for more.  It was everything a Wrestlemania match should be and the epitome of the art of pro wrestling.

Verdict: Exceeded Expectations