WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Performance Evaluations

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Smackdown Women’s Title Six Pack Challenge: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Micke James vs Carmella vs Naomi

This was another match that suffered from time constraints.  For some reason, it got wedged between the two world title matches and since those matches entrances seemed longer than the matches itself, there was no choice but to rush these girls which made the match come off awkward and disjointed. And because of that, this was bad.  Like, Orton/Wyatt bad.  But unlike that match, these girls at least had an excuse.

Another area where the match struggled was the in the lack of surprise in the victor.  A Naomi win was written all over the wall.  She won the belt back in February at The Elimination Chamber pay per view but was injured in the match forcing her to give up the belt 9 days later.  Her injury wasn’t as severe as originally thought and made her comeback right before Mania in Orlando, which happens to be her hometown.  Yeah, this seemed pretty automatic.

Now with all that being said, these are accomplished young ladies in this match, for the most part at least (sorry Carmella).  Between them all, we’re talking about 11 women’s championships and many potential future ones.  Sorry, you only had 5 and a half minutes, but you got to do better than that.  It was a nice moment for Naomi in her front of friends and family but a better match would’ve made the moment that much more sweet.

Verdict: Did Not Meet Expectations