WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Performance Evaluations

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Intercontinental Title Match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Baron Corbin

Since the Elimination Chamber in February, where Ambrose pinned Corbin and then got the life beaten out of him by “The Lone Wolf”, these two have waged a vicious war on each other.  It’s been sneak attack after sneak attack and the various weapons that have been employed have been tables, chairs, and a forklift.  It’s been one of the most compelling stories in the entire company with the young prospect trying to dethrone a superstar and begin his own ascent into a future main event.

So by the time Mania rolled around, this match had huge expectations and seemed like a perfect match for the mid-card of the biggest show of the year.  And then suddenly, with 25 minutes left on the pre-show coverage, Corbin’s music hits and the IC title is going to be contested right then.  So with a whopping 10 minutes to work and seemingly everyone in attendance at the beer stand, this match had absolutely zero life and what we got was a boring one-sided brawl that never got even close to where it should have.

Sure, the story of the veteran, Ambrose, getting beat down and injuring his ribs only to come back and use his guile to stun his opponent for the win was pretty good but the rest of this disappointment cannot be ignored.  These two deserved better.

Verdict: Did Not Meet Expectations