WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Performance Evaluations

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AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon

If the booking team for the WWE wants to pat themselves on the back for anything from Wrestlemania, they should feel free to do so over their opening match choices from the pre-show and the live show.  As you read earlier, the kick-off match between Aries and Neville was outstanding, and this match between McMahon and Styles was even better.

And honestly, this match had no right being this good.  Shane McMahon has always been an entertaining guy in and out of the ring.  But in any match he’s ever performed in, he’s had a gimmick to rely on as to not show what he lacks in wrestling acumen.  But against Styles, who just so happens to be one of the best wrestlers on Earth, McMahon on paper at least, looked completely out-classed.  But that’s why they wrestle the matches.  Shane held his own.  He matched “The Phenomenal One” move for the move in the early going before getting the tables and weapons involved in what turned to be one the best matches of the night.

It’s really a testament to just how good AJ Styles really is.  As hard as Shane worked, the major reason this match was so successful is because Styles is a once in a generation-like talent and he proved Sunday that no matter who his opponent is, he’ll make them look good.  It’s easy to be frustrated that Styles didn’t have a bigger match at Mania, but let’s just focus on what he and Shane did and that should make you feel better.  Hopefully, this will remind the WWE brass that Styles needs more.

Verdict: Exceeded Expectations