The Undertaker: 3 WWE Stars We Wished He Faced

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3. Finn Balor

Finn Balor has a mystique to his character that the fans love, which stems back to his “Demon” person that he brings out at pay-per-views. It captivated audiences in NXT and did so for the month he was on the main roster, before getting injured at SummerSlam 2016.

Balor’s Demon entrance, by itself, is worth the price of to an event. For about three minutes, you see this wrestler that’s larger than life, similar (but not quite) at the level of the Undertaker’s. You feel entrenched in the moment and can’t take your eyes off it.

Well, what if we had a bit of an “entrance-off?” Not really, but seeing these two have their entrances play before a match would be a sight that gets the most casual of the casual and the most hardcore of the hardcore off to give their full attention.

The lead-up to this feud could be a dark one too, with Balor even having to break out his alternate ego earlier than expected, even on an episode of Raw. He could have gone face-to-face with Undertaker in the ring and hyped things up for their eventual encounter.

We’ll never get to see this happen, but it would have had the potential to be a show-stealer with a look and feel unlike most WWE feuds we’ve seen.