WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 5

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Bobby Roode Interview

Roode is interviewed after his TakeOver match and talks about how he retained the NXT Championship. He puts over the Amway Center being sold out.

Drew McIntyre Signs with NXT

They talk about McIntyre being back in WWE, with NXT. He’s then interviewed and says the “logical step” is going to NXT after all he’s done over the past few years. WWE released him in 2014.

McIntyre’s Full Sail debut is announced for next Wednesday.

Oney Lorcan vs. El Vagabundo

Result: Oney Lorcan defeated El Vagabundo via pinfall.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Lorcan faces someone named El Vagabundo, who is carrying a guitar and wearing a mask. Oh, wait — Hi, Elias Samson. He actually got cheers from everyone, which is the most shocking thing I’ve seen on WWE NXT in a long time. This turned to jeers when Samson started playing his usual NXT song.

Lorcan tells Samson everyone knows who he is. Poor, Oney — he got boos here. However, why would anyone expect that when the Drifter has been a heat-seeking missile for the entirety of his NXT career? Blame that on the nature of this crowd, which was full of everyone around for WrestleMania 33 week.

Vagabundo received “Ole” chants, which again is amazing. Did it really take him putting on a mask to get cheers?

I’m a fan of Lorcan in the ring, but he wasn’t connecting with this crowd. They booed him after every hip attack he used, and continued cheering for Vagabundo. It didn’t change when his mask was removed.

Just a weird main event for the evening. It gained Samson fans and had the security guard get booed when she escorted him out of the arena.

Next: WrestleMania 33 Experience

You don’t need to go out of your way to see this episode of NXT. It didn’t move the needle, per the norm of these post-TakeOver shows. You’ll be fine watching highlight videos on Twitter and YouTube instead.