WWE: 3 Reasons The Miz Deserved Better Booking

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3. The Miz Brought Back Prestige to the IC Title

Following Zack Ryder’s WrestleMania moment, the next night on Raw, Miz would challenge him for the IC title. The hated heel would capture the title with underhand tactics. From then on, he would go on to have the greatest run of his career. The fans wanted to see him lose the title badly. Every babyface in the mid-card, from Cesaro and Sami Zayn and even heels like Kevin Owens would look to take the title away from him.

However, the crafty villain persisted through it all. He would hold on to the IC title like it was a part of his whole existence. For once, he made it seem like the Intercontinental title mattered. It was Miz’s antics and desperate attempts at holding on to the title that elevated it after many years of being a mediocre mid-card title.

Then came Miz’s long program with Dolph Ziggler. Of course, the title would change hands many times throughout this feud. But every time Miz lost the title, he made it seem like a big deal. He would throw a tantrum and make it seem like he has lost a part of his own life. When he successfully retained the title, he made it seem like he’d just go in the Hall of Fame. Remember the Miz participation awards? It was such small details shown by his character that enabled creative to make the IC title seem like something meaningful. But to what benefit?