WWE: 3 Reasons The Miz Deserved Better Booking

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2. The Miz Balanced the Babyface Authority Figures

AJ Styles might be proclaimed as the top heel of SmackDown Live after putting Shane McMahon through a car window. However, before there was Styles, there was Miz. The Hollywood A-lister would constantly mock and infuriate the blue brand’s general manager, Daniel Bryan. It was he who balanced a show filled with babyfaces. Miz was the yin to Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon’s yang.

His seething promo on Daniel Bryan during an edition of Talking Smack was a masterpiece. In a few minutes, he would go on to absolutely silence his critics and even Daniel Bryan. That set off a new turn in Miz’s character and direction. He would take on the mantle of the person to oppose the babyface authority figures.

On a show filled with babyfaces, it was Miz who rose to the occasion. Had it not been for the way he was planted into the WrestleMania program with Cena, he could have done way better things as the brand’s top heel. Had the Miz been given an opportunity to do something better at WrestleMania, like wrestle Shane McMahon for example, Styles could have done something even more phenomenal this past Sunday.