WWE: 3 Reasons The Miz Deserved Better Booking

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1. The Miz Carried the WrestleMania Feud with Cena and Bella

When it was initially rumored that John Cena’s WrestleMania role would be to take part in a mixed tag team match with his girl friend, nobody was happy about it. In fact, no one ever looked forward to seeing that match. However, two weeks later, the entire WWE universe had been buzzing to see what would go down at WrestleMania. One man had made so much difference to that angle with a few promos and video packages.

It was the Miz’s character alone that carried the burden of this angle with Cena and Nikki Bella. Miz and Maryse pulled the tricks out of their bag to turn the fans’ attention towards a mediocre program. For this reason alone, creative should look for ways to compensate the damage they had done to the Hollywood A-lister.

Miz is a such an organic heel. That is a very rare talent in today’s WWE. Throw in Maryse into the mix and you have perhaps the best heel duo in all of WWE. They generate so much heat from the crowd that it is impossible to neglect. Had it been Cena promoting the WrestleMania match instead of Miz and Maryse we would have witnessed an entirely different ordeal during the weeks that built towards the show.

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Miz has shown a great deal of professionalism and willingness to do what he did at WrestleMania. Moreover, this came after perhaps his greatest year in his career as a professional wrestler. People should be rewarded for feats like that, instead of being asked to job out to someone else.