5 WWE Stars That Should Switch Brands in ‘Superstar Shake-Up’

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On WWE RAW, Vince McMahon announced that there would be a Superstar Shake-Up next week. So, who should switch brands?

The latest episode of WWE RAW saw a little bit of everything. Roman Reigns was showered with jeers for almost 10 minutes before delivering a 5 world promo that was pure gold. The Hardyz and The [Bullet] Club faced off for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Coming off headlining this year’s Hall of Fame class, Kurt Angle was named the new General Manager of RAW. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder revived the Tag Division by defeating The New Day in their debut. Four former NXT Champions headlined RAW. Finn Balor returned to team up with Seth Rollins to face off against the new crowned United States Champion Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.

All and all a very good and exciting episode of RAW, but change is coming. The biggest news of the night took place when Vince McMahon came to the ring. The Chairman of WWE announced that there will be a Superstar Shake up next week. It seems like the WWE Draft is upon us once again. In a way, the Draft being moved to shortly after WrestleMania makes more sense than having it in the Summer. The RAW after WrestleMania is seen as the beginning of the new year in WWE and that’s where the WWE Draft belongs.

That being said, here are 5 superstars and teams that could benefit from a brand switch.