5 WWE Stars That Should Switch Brands in ‘Superstar Shake-Up’

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1. AJ Styles

AJ Styles as the top guy on SmackDown Live has been nothing short of phenomenal, pun intended. He has proven time and time against that he is the best in the company and arguably the best in the world. While SmackDown Live has proven to be the “A” show since the brand split RAW is an always will be the flagship show. An example of this is the fact that WrestleMania Monday is seen as a bigger deal than WrestleMania Tuesday. Styles made himself and SmackDown must see television, so why can’t he do the same for RAW?

Also, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are all on RAW as of now. AJ Styles and Finn missed each other in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Finn left right as AJ arrived. A Bullet Club reunion with the first two leaders could be amazing. To go with that, the possible Ambrose switch mentioned early Monday Night RAW could have a full blown Bullet Club vs The Shield feud down the road.

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Who do you want to see change rosters?