TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 6

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Eli Drake with Tyrus vs Caleb Konley

Result: Eli Drake defeats Caleb Konley via pinfall.

Rating: 2.0 out of 5 Stars

As soon as the Impact theme ended the bell sounded. Early in the match Drake through Konley to the outside and distracted the referee to allow Tyrus to get some offense on Caleb Konley. There were some nice back and forth between the two including a suicide dive from Konley to the outside and a superplex from Drake.

The match was a decent way to start the show but the Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews’ “feud” continued as the two call the match and sadly, after. During the match, Mathews made calls like “I don’t need to make a name for myself I’m the best of all time” and sarcastically saying “I’m trending worldwide!”

Then ironically praised Impact for starting a wrestling show with wrestling then looked into the camera and said “here’s how you kill ratings” before insulting Borash. Two guys screaming over each other instead of praising the match did little to help the show.

Bruce Prichard came out and told both men “we are sick of this” in-ring and decided they would finish this inside the ring. Both men will pick a four-man team to settle the score next week on Impact.

This segment killed whatever momentum the Drake vs Konley match created for the show. Still to come is a Last Man Standing Match between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, Alberto El Patron and more!