TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 6

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The Cowboy is Back

Impact airs footage of the DCC breaking up then cuts to James Storm in-ring with a beer and declares that the Cowboy is back in Impact Wrestling. Storm expressed that he is proud of the  Cowboy, proud of how his world title win was the highest rated night Impact Wrestling ever had before expressing his intent to compete for the World Heavyweight Title once again.

DCC’s music hits and out comes Kingston and Bram (with steel chair in hand). Kingston then proceeds to cut a promo on Storm. Calling the Cowboy a liar before stomping on his “stupid” mask.Storm responded by saying it’s DCC’s fault for not holding up their end of the agreement. The plan was for Kingston and Bram to go after the tag titles and Storm to compete for the world title.

Other than that it was the two men calling one another female dogs before Kingston spit in Storm’s face.The Cowboy hits Last Call Superkicks on both before cutting his signature “sorry for your damn luck” line.

And that’s how the DCC died.

For what it is worth, this segment should have followed the opening contest. The crowd was hot for the returning “Cowboy” persona and Kingston was generating real heat.