TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 6

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Last Man Standing Match
Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards

Result: Davey Richards defeats Eddie Edwards

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars.

Eddie Edwards blindsided Davey Richards during his entrance to start the match. After a Tope Suicida, Edwards continued to Flair chop Richards into the stands. The two recreate their brawl in the crowd from a few weeks ago.

The fans were solidly behind Edwards with “Eddie” and “Let’s Go Eddie” chants constantly through the first few minutes of the match. Once the two returned to the ring, Angelina Love assisted Richards by handing him multiple chairs. This led to Edwards powerbombing Richards through the chairs his former partner set up.

Edwards proceeded to go out to get more chairs to strike Richards with, despite the ring being full of chairs. More help from Love allowed Richards to regain control, which led to Eddie getting superplexed onto a pile of chairs.

The camera cuts to Eddie Edward’s wife calling Angelina Love pathetic at ringside, before Love places a steel chain into the ring. As Love taunted her “what are you gonna do?” Eddie chants erupted as he continued to get beat with a steel chain wrapped around his former brother’s fist.

Edwards stayed alive through being beaten and choked with a steel chain. His face comeback included a nice overhead belly-to-belly which tossed Richards into the corner. This led to dropkicking a steel chair into Davey’s face while he was in the tree-of-woe.

Edwards then up Davey Richards in the steel chair, head through the back on the chair, for a double stomp off the top to the head!

More violence ensued before Richards would wrap the steel chain around his ankle. He seemed to have second thoughts before Angelina Love would give him a kiss and tell him “do it for me” before delivering a deadly kick to Edwards.

So far the best part of Impact was this match, surprised they did not save it for the main event.