WWE: 5 Trades That Should Happen in ‘Superstar Shake-Up’

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1. The New Day for American Alpha

Plenty of fans are speculating that now that Kurt Angle is the manager of Raw, he will try to acquire American Alpha and help them in some fashion. With the common thread of amateur wrestling and the fact that Chad Gable is also former Olympian and goofball, it makes sense. The thing is, a trade that sends American Alpha to Raw is reasonable on another level.

There’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to pure in-ring work, American Alpha are the best in the business by a landslide. I know how good DIY and The Revival are, too, but American Alpha even exceeded that level of tag team wrestling when they were in NXT. It’s clear that they haven’t been given enough time to showcase the character work that they developed in NXT, and switching to Raw could give them a chance to reset all of that. Gable is more than capable of delivering a meaningful program in either the humorous or fiery babyface mold. Put them in some backstage segments with Angle and give them a new tag team to feud with, and they could be on their way.

Contrary to what some worry, The New Day aren’t in danger of going stale any time soon. The trio is far too talented for that, particularly on the mic. They struck the right cord as WrestleMania 33 hosts, and Big E’s off-the-cuff jokes and comedic timing are even better than Rusev’s. These three are magic, and the WWE should continue to ride this merchandise-selling powerhouse.

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What might get lost, however, is just how good all three of these wrestlers are in this squared circle, because they are somehow as good at wrestling as they are at cutting engaging promos. Xavier Woods is one of the most underrated workers in the company, Big E is a powerhouse, and Kofi Kingston is legend.

These three just need new feuds. While matchups with The Revival and The Hardy Boyz are enticing, I’d like to see them on SmackDown Live. I don’t want to see them in the ring with The Club or Cesaro and Sheamus anymore, and I am equally opposed to watching them potentially lose a feud to The Revival.