WWE: 4 Potential Opponents for Shinsuke Nakamura

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4. The Miz

Let’s be clear, when Nakamura made his epic entrance on SmackDown Live. He did so at the end of a Miz promo. If there is any indication of what the short-term plan might be, it might be the guy the debuting star interrupted.

This program could work very well depending on the route they go with it. Miz has been criticized quite often for being “soft” and not wanting to take bumps, etc. Counter to that, Shinsuke is another “indie darling” who is literally known for his hard hitting style. So the former reality star could play the perfect heel to the former MMA fighter.

The Miz would help Nakamura acclimate to WWE’s style, while not compromising his Strong Style gimmick. Miz wouldn’t have to take all the vicious knees in a Sami Zayn-like fashion. In fact, dodging said knees would only get the A-Lister the proper heat while building up Nakamura’s strengths in the proper way. So when Nakamura finally does the Kinshasa, the roof will get blown off the arena.

Miz could also carry the burden of the build up and most of the promos. Nakamura would not need to worry about cutting a lengthy WWE style promo or vignette if the Awesome One continues his awesome mic work. Miz could do exactly what Heyman does for Lesnar before every big four pay per view.

Unless you want Miz to get a major main event push, there is very little downside to the Miz putting over Nakamura.