WWE: 4 Potential Opponents for Shinsuke Nakamura

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2. John Cena

We are in the era of Super Cena being a part-time talent and it is a little strange. None the less, the Doctor of Thuganomics himself would be an ideal opponent for the King of Strong Style.

Similar to his first two encounters with AJ Styles. Cena taking on Nakamura would need to title belt to feel like a main event match. One of the biggest faces of an era of Japanese wrestling going head-to-head against one of the biggest faces in WWE history, there is an organic narrative to these two squaring off with one another.

Big match John seems to have no problem putting over New Era talent. So the traditional fear of “LOL Cena Wins” is not really there anymore. On top of that, Cena selling those kicks and strikes from the King of Strong Style would not only get Shinsuke over, but the concept of “Strong Style” itself.

Cena has always been a good promo but since returning from injury last year he has been a great promo. Cena could cut promos in a similar vein of his promos against Styles but in a more respectful and reverant fashion. Likewise, Shinsuke has so much natural charisma and personality one of his nicknames from NXT is Swagsuke.

A bout between these two might not be billed as the new talent taking on the accomplished veteran. Imagine it’s booked as Cena wanting to prove he could have made it “elsewhere” if he had not stayed in WWE. 10 years ago when “you can’t wrestle chants” were a norm for Cena; Nakamura was winning world titles in Japan.  A match between these two could see Cena putting over new talent and coming to a crossroads in his (now part-time) career.

The face that runs the place did a phenomenal job putting over Styles. He made styles look strong and like a world class talent. The same can be done for Nakamura, just make it happen WWE.