WWE: 4 Potential Opponents for Shinsuke Nakamura

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1. AJ Styles

Yes AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura has already been the main event in front of tens of thousands of people. Yes, this was the Styles match many fans were praying for instead of AJ vs Shane McMahon; A bunch of Daniel Bryan “YES” chants, yes.

That’s how good these two are and can be together in the ring. Styles vs Shane McMahon was a good match, not great, not trash, it was good. If WrestleMania 33 opened with a 20 minutes wrestling clinic between Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, it would have stolen the five-hour show.

The WWE title is currently tied up in a program between the eater-of-worlds Bray Wyatt and champion Randy Orton. However, a feud between the former leaders of Bullet Club and CHAOS does not need any title to capture the imagination of the WWE universe.

Unlike other names who made this list. There is no doubt that the history of these two will be referenced. Their rivalry stems from Japan, their respected stables still fight in Japan, both their legacies were made in Japan!  This is a main event match that the wrestling world will stop and take notice, regardless of when and where it takes place.

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Styles told Shane-O-Mac in the first encounter following their WrestleMania contest that SmackDown was where he wanted to be. Hopefully, WWE heeds those words, keeps him on the blue brand and does not continue to delay the Phenomenal One vs the King of Strong Style in a WWE ring.