The Undertaker: 5 WWE Superstars Who Can Fill His Shoes

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5. Brock Lesnar

This man is already an attraction, making a limited number of appearances and currently is the WWE Universal Champion. At least short term this is the man to lead for the PPV’s and the bigger events, no matter what he is someone we want to see because who knows what will happen. No one really thought Goldberg was going to demolish him last year and embarrass him at the Royal Rumble. He did make that big comeback and now looks unstoppable.

There feels a need to watch when his name is on a card, and that is the same feeling you get with The Undertaker. Brock puts on some great matches and it is even more exciting when he has a good opponent who he can mesh well with. He is a beast, and Suplex City is somewhere no one wants to go. Just like anyone would not want to take a Tombstone to go on their Last Ride. It is kind of amazing how Brock is strangely over with people, no matter which position he is in a feud.

For the time being, he really is the man to lead the charge into the future, and will remain that big attraction people will want to see.