The Undertaker: 5 WWE Superstars Who Can Fill His Shoes

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4. AJ Styles

AJ Styles made an incredible debut with the WWE at least years Royal Rumble and since then he hasn’t stopped putting on 5-star matches and entertaining the masses. For years he wrestled around the world and became a favorite among fans, he is quite possibly the best in the world right now, he will likely be the best for years to come. With his work ethic and popularity there is no doubt moving forward he will be a main event player, and someone fans will want to see headline shows.

Even though a match with Shane McMahon was not what a lot of people wanted to see at WrestleMania, it ended up being one of the best matches on the card. He is always exciting and definitely delivers us new things and makes matches work no matter who he is up against. If AJ Styles had taken on The Undertaker at some point in the past it would have broken the wrestling world and tore the house down. If there is anyone on the roster currently who can fill his void, it is AJ Styles.

He will only continue to entertain and become the biggest player in the company, he will headline events and keep going as the man people want to see at any and every event. Things will become more special when the time comes for him to work less time, and he will no doubt give us all goosebumps when its time for him to wrestle.