The Undertaker: 5 WWE Superstars Who Can Fill His Shoes

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3. Shinsuke Nakamura

This is somebody who could possibly take that mantle in a few years to come, he has just debuted on the main roster, and he didn’t even have a match. This man is special, and it is an event every time he is booked. That entrance alone is incredible, and the crowd can’t get enough of him. He has the theatrics down pat, is amazing in the ring and you know when you see him it will be special.

Anything is possible now he has transitioned from NXT to the main roster, and no doubt he is going to do some great things this year. He makes sense as someone who can help fill the void, but it’s not even something they can make him do, he is doing it on his own just by being who he is. Shinsuke carried NXT well as champion and had some memorable matches during his run, and that will absolutely continue on now.

Providing nothing comes up, next year will be his first WrestleMania and he will have to be in a big match. That will prove his worth and it will be the start of his long career in the company.