The Undertaker: 5 WWE Superstars Who Can Fill His Shoes

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2. Bray Wyatt

Now Bray Wyatt may have a terrible win/loss record, but he is someone who we love to see. It is always unpredictable what he will do, or what will happen when he is around. Much like The Undertaker he has an amazing presence and ring awareness, his entrance is always a must see and he can cut a promo like no one else can. If he is to take that place, of course, he will need to be build up a lot more and have a lot fewer losses.

That is pretty much all that needs to change, because everything else is already there for him. Whether he has someone with him or not, Bray Wyatt is someone you know will have a good match and he will entertain you. His first title run may have been short, but it certainly will not be his last. The added dramatics and theatrics with his match at WrestleMania just proves how much more can be done with him. As time goes on, he will easily become an attraction and with a winning streak, it will make things a lot more must see.

The cards need to be played right but Bray Wyatt can certainly be the man to take the lead and for years to come.