WWE Superstar Shake-Up: Will Life Be Added to the SmackDown Tag Division?


With many superstars set to transfer between brands, the WWE should use this opportunity to revitalize its lackluster tag team division on SmackDown.

When Vince McMahon made a special appearance on Raw last Monday to formally announce the WWE’s long-rumored plans for a “Superstar Shake-Up” between its top two brands, speculation immediately began as to which superstars would be switching colors.

Rumors currently floating around have some of the company’s top talent heading from Raw to SmackDown, and vice versa. But the WWE should use this Monday night’s events as a chance to improve its most glaring weakness.

For the past few months, the SmackDown tag team division has been difficult to watch. So difficult, in fact, that I find myself wondering at times who even holds the title at this point. Currently that distinction goes to the Usos, however the division has really lacked any substance since the Wyatt family was taken out of the picture.

A tag team turmoil match at Elimination Chamber failed to bring much life to the division. And there were never any rumors about a SmackDown tag match appearing anywhere on the card at WrestleMania.

Simply put, the SmackDown tag division needs some life. The Usos and American Alpha could use some help at the top, especially considering that Zack Ryder is reportedly still a few months away from coming to the aid of his Hype Bro, Mojo Rawley. Maybe Rob Gronkowski can take his place for the time being.

The logical move for the WWE to make would be to push a Raw tag team to Tuesday nights. But which tag team would make the most sense?

Starting at the top, the Hardy Boyz obviously won’t be going anywhere, as Raw tag team champs. Cesaro and Sheamus were crowned number one contenders last week, so they’ll likely stay put as well.

Could Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows be the ones to move? Even that seems unlikely. The top heel tag team on Raw will probably remain on Monday nights.

Alright, maybe Enzo Amore and Big Cass? The timing seemed right for them to take the belts, had the WWE not pulled the last-minute trigger on the Hardys at WrestleMania. But can they help carry a division on their own, especially without having won any gold in the WWE just yet?

But we are forgetting one major trio of superstars. The New Day have been rumored to split up or be moved to SmackDown for a while. This seems like the perfect time to do the latter.

Make no mistake, when WWE officials selected the New Day to host WrestleMania, that was a demotion. They became the longest reining tag champs in December, and just over three months later they did not have a match or storyline for the company’s biggest event.

It just seems like the Raw tag division has moved on without the New Day. So where better for them to go than “the land of opportunity,” SmackDown Live?

There, they could likely enter a feud with The Usos for the title. Potential other opponents include American Alpha, Heath Slater and Rhyno, or the Hype Bros once Ryder returns. A heel turn is doubtful, but even that could be in the future cards.

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The New Day as champs will bring some legitimacy to the SmackDown tag division. It could also revive an act that, frankly, has lost some of its luster recently. This seems like a relatively easy call for WWE officials.