Elias Samson Literally Drifted in WWE Raw Debut (Video)


Elias Samson made his WWE Raw debut, but in the most subtle way possible.

Elias Samson recently lost a “Loser Leaves NXT” match to Kassius Ohno, forcing him to be off the brand. However, Samson appeared on last Wednesday’s episode of NXT, only to wrestle in a mask as “El Vagabundo.” He lost a match to Oney Lorcan, who pulled the mask off Samson to reveal himself. Security escorted him out, and seemingly ended his run in WWE’s minor league.

Then came the rumors of Samson heading to WWE’s main roster. With the Superstar Shakeup taking place on Monday and Tuesday, it seemed like an ideal time for his arrival, even after the post-WrestleMania hysteria.

Well, that came to fruition on Raw, but in the most subtle way. He was spotted during the Nia Jax vs. Charlotte match, a weird way to debut. The thing is, he casually walked through the crowd, with a guitar in hand. No one on commentary made note of this, as Samson literally drifted across everyone’s TV screens.


If they’re really going to make Samson “drift” during Raw, then he’ll finally be living up to the Drifter nickname. This moniker has been given to him for the past year-plus in NXT.

We still haven’t seen Samson wrestle, but it’s possible that takes place later in the night. Maybe he even shows up on SmackDown, drifting around the crowd again.

What’s the future for Samson? Well, he never ascended the ladder in developmental, which may be the case on Raw. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as he can hang around the midcard scene, potentially going for the Intercontinental Championship in the future.

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What are you expecting from Elias Samson for the foreseeable future? How far can he go on the WWE main roster, or Raw specifically?