Where Will WWE NXT Call-Ups Be After Superstar Shake-Up?

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3. The Revival

The Revival were the first NXT tag teams to be called up. American Alpha was drafted to SmackDown Live technically. Regardless, they would receive one of the loudest pops of the night as they made their debut. From there, the duo would go on to dominate the longest reigning tag champions, the New Day.

There is no danger of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson being separated. However, that does not mean they could remain on Raw. The Revival Vs. American Alpha had been one of the best programs on NXT. Creative could be looking to bring that fire and vigor back to the main roster as well. Hence it would be safe to assume their position on either show could potentially rely on where American Alpha would end up. As such, a brand switch would benefit Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. The incredibly talented duo has lost a lot of momentum on SmackDown’s rather stagnant tag division.

On the flip side, moving the Revival to SmackDown would open a plethora of opportunities for creative. They could have them feud with American Alpha or the Usos for the tag titles. Admittedly, they could very well be done with the New Day in one night. We wouldn’t need to see an extended program when even fierce rivalries could be established.

Prediction: The Revival ends up on the same brand as American Alpha.