4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 10, 2017

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The Landscape Undergoes a Big Change

Going into tonight’s episode, one of the biggest talking points deals with what could happen during the Superstar Shake-up. For those of you that don’t know, Raw is set to hold a mini-draft. It won’t be as grand as the draft we saw a year ago, but it will allow a select number of superstars to switch shows. Freshening up the rosters is always a smart option, as it allows the company to deliver new and exciting matches.

So which stars could we see leave Monday Night Raw? Right off the bat, one of the names that needs to be mentioned is Sami Zayn. His run on the Flagship Show has left a lot to be desired, with the Underdog’s lack of creative direction being just one of several problems he experienced. Switching over to SmackDown Live could present him an opportunity to thrive as a singles star rather than hold a supporting role.

Another athlete who would do well with transferring to SmackDown Live is Seth Rollins. With an abundance of good guys on Raw, the main event is simply too crowded for him to stand out properly. While his win over Triple H would make one think his momentum would thrive, that isn’t always the case. Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns seem to be the next two opponents for the Universal Champion. Finn Balor may choose to combat Kevin Owens, leaving Rollins to contend with Samoa Joe.

This is an enticing feud, but unfortunately it’s one that neither man can afford to lose. Rather than have these two go at it now, WWE may save the money match for the future. Separating the two is a logical step, and Rollins may end up being the one to move to Tuesday nights.