3 WWE Stars Raw Can’t Lose in Superstar Shake-Up

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Photo by WWE.com

3. The Cruiserweight Division

We’re not quite starting off with just one WWE Superstar, but an entire division, as in the Cruiserweight division. As of this writing, WWE hasn’t put these talents off limits for the Superstar Shake-Up.

At Survivor Series 2016, we saw the Cruiserweights on the line in a title match, with Kalisto challenging Brian Kendrick. The winner would get these wrestlers for their respective show. Kendrick won, so nothing happened.

Well, with everyone being up for grabs on Monday and Tuesday night, that will go for the 205 pound and under stars. However, if WWE ever thought of moving them, it would be the wrong idea.

Raw at three hours obviously makes it a long show. Only so many Superstars can appear and take up time, especially those that appear multiple times and become overexposed. While the Cruiserweights haven’t been perfect, they fill in a gap or two of the show to break from the regular action and consume 15-20 minutes of those 180.

This isn’t needed on SmackDown with their shorter time span to get others on the show. The Cruiserweights are also around for 205 Live, which is more than enough exposure for a week on main roster programming.

Raw keeping the Cruiserweights may be guaranteed, but if there is a chance of them switching shows, it shouldn’t be considered.