3 WWE Stars SmackDown Can’t Lose in Superstar Shake-Up

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3. Alexa Bliss

It’s easy to say that Alexa Bliss was by far the best steal of a pick in the latter rounds of the draft last July. Bliss, who was seen as being underutilized during her time down in NXT, has become the top female of the blue brand.

This title was believed early to be Becky Lynch, however, Bliss quickly showed she was the overall best talent in the women’s division on Tuesday nights. After defeating Lynch for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship at TLC, Bliss went on a run dominating the division.

After a bit of a hiccup losing the title to Naomi at Elimination Chamber, Bliss won the championship back went Naomi had to vacate the belt due to injury. This win made Bliss the first ever two-time champion of the blue brand’s women’s belt.

Bliss though would be forced to defend her championship in a six pack challenge at WrestleMania 33. Bliss would lose the match falling once again to Naomi. Last week on Smackdown Live, Bliss enforced her rematch clause against the new champion but once again fell short.

With all of this happening many fans believe that Bliss will be heading over to RAW this week. However, this should not happen. Bliss has helped make the division on Smackdown on equal par as the RAW division.

Bliss is great on the microphone and great in the ring and has shown despite her lack in size can work with anyone on the brand. Losing her would be a colossal loss, and her absence could only be filled by one or two women from RAW.

Alexa Bliss has made Smackdown Live her home brand and should remain there going forward.