Report: Finn Balor Suffered Concussion on WWE Raw


Finn Balor returned to WWE TV just over one week ago, but already suffered an injury in his first singles match back.

Finn Balor made his Raw return on the post-WrestleMania 33 show, which came eight days ago. He teamed with Seth Rollins to defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. This led to a singles match with Jinder Mahal, just one week later, defeating him quickly.

However, during the match, Mahal struck Balor in the side of the head with a sharp elbow. It left the Demon King’s face marked up, but he still finished the bout and won.

Well, it seems some damage was done to Balor. PW Insider reports he suffered a concussion during this match, and it’s unknown how long he’ll be out for.

Obviously, this is devastating news for someone who just returned after seven months away. This was due to a torn labrum, which was suffered during Balor’s SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. Since the Longest Reigning NXT Champion Ever won and got hurt, he had to relinquish the belt just one night later.

Hopefully, the concussion-related symptoms go away for Balor soon. However, with any type of head injury, he’ll hopefully take his time to recover and get back on TV at 100 percent.

Could this hold off Balor’s next feud? They teased something with Bray Wyatt on Raw, which seemed like something for the Eater of Worlds to do after his WWE Payback match against Randy Orton. If so, it gives the former NJPW star three weeks to heal.

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We’ll see what’s next for Finn Balor. Hopefully, he gets better soon and is able to return to Raw.