WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Dean Ambrose and Miz Feuding Again?

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3. Dean And The Miz Feuding Again?

Dean Ambrose hitting the “Dirty Deeds” on The Miz after “The A-Lister” revealed that he is not John Cena was brilliant, and Ambrose picked up even more momentum after defeating Kevin Owens in a Champion vs. Champion match. With the Intercontinental Championship on Raw, it’s clear that the WWE will make the wise move of shifting Owens to SmackDown Live, especially after they had him lose to Ambrose.

What’s next for Ambrose is a bit unclear, because it seems like Samoa Joe will be locked in a rivalry with Seth Rollins. Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns are in a heated program, too, so that leaves The Miz as the most likely opponent for Ambrose’s Intercontinental title.

We all remember how The Miz and Dolph Ziggler elevated the prestige of that title, and Miz’s 2016 run with the belt made it feel like the most important title in the company. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to envision him winning it back, as Sami Zayn’s gutsy victory likely confirms that he will be making his much-anticipated move to SmackDown. 

Ambrose and The Miz put on some great matches together, and The Miz did a fantastic job of bringing out some of Ambrose’s most fiery promos. These two were meant to have a longer feud with each other, because it felt like something was left on the table the first time around. Assuming Renee Young is not involved, it will be interesting what the storyline revolves around this time, or if The Miz quickly snatches the title away from “The Lunatic Fringe”.