WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Dean Ambrose and Miz Feuding Again?

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2. Big Things Ahead For Charlotte

Ever since she lost her Pay Per View streak to Bayley at Fastlane, Charlotte Flair has been riding a losing streak. She didn’t win at WrestleMania, she submitted to Sasha Banks in last week’s six-woman tag team match before getting rolled over by Nia Jax, and Nia defeated her on this episode of Raw in a single’s match. Nia, by the way, kicked out of “Natural Selection” and survived a devastating moonsault outside of the ring.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the announce team actually addressed Charlotte’s losing streak before Nia won the match. Furthermore, Charlotte played up the way the losses are getting to her ego perfectly. After last week’s post-match tantrum directed at Emma and Nia, she had a completely defeated expression on her face following her loss to Nia.

Charlotte is definitely going to SmackDown. With Alexa Bliss on Raw, the swap of top heels that many predicted is indeed set to happen, and there’s simply nothing left for Charlotte to do on Raw. Plus, this losing streak has to mean something, and it means that big plans are ahead for “The Queen”. I’m not sure if that means she’ll spark a feud with Becky Lynch or steal away the Women’s Championship from Naomi after a heated rivalry, but the wheels are in motion for a big storyline involving Charlotte on the blue brand.