WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Dean Ambrose and Miz Feuding Again?

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1. The WWE Will Milk Roman Reigns as a Face for as Long as Possible

Even though Roman Reigns cut what was essentially the best heel promo of 2017 (and easily the best promo of his entire career) on the Raw after WrestleMania, the announcers were quick to say that the audience would normally be cheering him. Reigns confirmed that he is still a face by stating his victory over The Undertaker felt “heavy”, and his alignment was further confirmed by Braun Strowman’s show-stealing attack.

I bet the WWE thinks they can keep Roman Reigns as a face forever, because they know people will keep reacting no matter what. The kids and casual fans who will cheer for whoever the WWE tells them to cheer will continue to support Roman, and the hardcore fans will continue to boo them. As always, WWE cares about getting a reaction, and people cheering for Strowman to obliterate Roman is indeed a strong reaction.

The problem is that people will eventually stop reacting. It seems crazy to think that the blowback will eventually stop, since it has been as forceful as Roman’s push over the past few years. But eventually, people will get bored. I’m just speaking for myself here, but it’s hard to really care about any program that Roman is involved in. You know the promos will be boring, you know the matches will be good-but-not-great, and you know who will win in the end.

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Eventually, people will tune him out, but the sad fact is that we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet. Until that happens, Roman Reigns will continue to be positioned as the biggest face in the company, even though it’s a spot that should go to Seth Rollins, who did a nice job of riding the momentum he earned from his WrestleMania 33 victory over Triple H.