WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 10

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Raw Women’s Division Gets Some New Faces

Leave it to the Raw creative team to craft a segment that debuts not one but two new faces, and have the star of the segment be someone we all know already.

I’m beginning to think Sasha Banks and her seemingly perpetual heel turn is like wrestling’s version of Schrodinger’s Cat. She’s both a heel and a face at any given time, and we won’t know which until we really look closely.

But Sasha is the boss of passive-aggressive conversation, as evidenced by her introduction of Bayley. The Raw Women’s Champ is way too trusting, especially after literally all of her “friends” turned on her in NXT.

Before Sasha can complete her transformation from Bayley’s best bud to her worst enemy, though, Alexa Bliss makes her Raw debut. Bliss is worlds better on the mic than either Bayley or Sasha, so it was a refreshing change of pace.

When Mickie James came out, it made me wonder who’s switching brands here. Obviously, Charlotte is a contender to jump to Tuesdays – otherwise she’d have been involved in this segment. Maybe Emma, and/or Dana Brooke? Is Summer Rae cleared yet?

And, of course, the segment ends with Nia Jax annihilating everyone but Alexa. The way she ran through Mickie on the outside reminded me of Braun destroying Roman Reigns a few weeks ago. As discussed above, it seems pretty clear that Nia is being thrust to a title reign in the very near future.