WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 10

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Roman Reigns Catches a Beating

Did no one tell Braun Strowman that the New Coliseum literally opened less than a week ago? They just built the darn thing, why are you trying to destroy it?

But, wow, if someone ever asks me, “Who is your favorite wrestler?” it’s getting harder to not say Braun Strowman. It’s absurd that he is turning into such a complete competitor so quickly.

Credit where it’s due: Roman Reigns handled the little bit of speaking he needed to pull off perfectly. No one is going to remember it, but he was both humble and proud at the same time. You couldn’t ask for a better promo.

But then business picked up, because Braun picked up Roman. It was, without hyperbole, the greatest beatdown segment in Raw history. Strowman was the living embodiment of the Peter Griffin vs. Ernie The Giant Chicken fight on Family Guy. Every time you thought he was done, whoops! Here he is again to do something even more ridiculous.

While I was busy marking out over seeing John Silver on Raw as one of the security guards/paramedics, here comes Braun to launch the stretcher over the ledge. Finally get Roman back on the stretcher, nope – here comes Braun again to beat him up in the ambulance. And to top it off, he flipped the ambulance over.

The only thing missing from this segment? Braun commandeering the van, or driving another car into it to stop it from leaving.