WWE Superstar Shakeup 2017: SmackDown Live Desperately Needs More Wrestlers


Following RAW’s Superstar Shakeup, Smackdown Live lose out on a number of superstars. They desperately need to bulk up their roster to succeed this coming year.

Smackdown Live’s loss was RAW’s gain, as they snag up eleven of their superstars. Eleven? That leaves Smackdown with 28 superstars compared to RAW’s 75. But, take away injuries and inactive roster members, that’s 22 to 66.

One of the reason’s NXT are able to stay fresh is because they regularly swap out wrestlers on a weekly basis. Smackdown — with their declining numbers — are doomed to play second-fiddle to RAW again. Smackdown is set to air 7/8 CT and hopefully they can rectify the losses they’ve garnered.

With Dean Ambrose moving to RAW, it does indicate that Kevin Owens will be moving to Smackdown Live to even it out. Alternatively, he could be losing it to someone who is or will be on Smackdown Live in the near future.

What is worrying is the title picture in Smackdown. For Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, AJ Styles looks the only viable contender. Luke Harper seems another, but he has yet to transition into the main event picture. NXT call-ups Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger could be suggested for the titles. But — without a main roster televised match to their names yet — inserting them into the main event may be jumping the horse.

It’s not just the men’s division who are lack depth either. The Women’s division — with the loss of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James — are also lacking in depth. So, now they only have six competitors.  Except, take away Eva Marie — who hasn’t been seen since August 2016 — and Nicki Bella who’s injured, that makes four. Naomi, Natalya, Becky Lynch, and Carmella are phenomenal athletes, but are incapable of holding the division afloat on their own.

Hopefully, more than just a few RAW stars make the jump to Smackdown, or possibly even NXT.

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Who do you think Smackdown Live need from RAW? Or are we to expect a year of troubles for the blue brand?