WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Back to NXT Right Now

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Sometimes — due to unfortunate circumstances, like poor booking — some wrestlers don’t make it on RAW or Smackdown. They may, however, benefit from a trip back to WWE NXT.

Looking to the past, just look at Emma’s 2015 return to WWE NXT to see what good it can do. She went from Santino Marella’s dancing lover to shoulder-pad clad top heel.

Certain wrestlers just aren’t cut out for the main roster yet. Some, unfortunately, suffer from bad booking. A trip back to Orlando may just reinvigorate and save their careers. They don’t necessarily need to go back and change their character. Several superstars have returned to NXT for matches just because they couldn’t find a spot on RAW or Smackdown. Cesaro, Neville and The Ascension are just some of the stars to have done just that.

For the fans, it seems a much better option than to just release those who aren’t doing well. Imagine where Damien Sandow or Wade Barrett would be right now if they were given another chance in NXT. By no means is it implied that a trip back to the developmental brand would make the next World Champion. But, WWE has been known to not invest time into building up their stars. Time off main roster television could fix that.

Do you think these five superstars could benefit from a return back to NXT? And, what other stars do you think can benefit from it?