WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Back to NXT Right Now

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4. The Shining Stars

With the end of Los Matadores, many assumed Epico and Primo could finally get a decent push. Their first match as The Shining Stars showed potential. Exciting moves like the Double Underhook Lungblower and a flashy high-low they dubbed ‘The Shining Stars’ wowed us in their squash match.

However, it didn’t take them long from winning squash matches to being squashed themselves. They’ve lost to everyone form Enzo & Cass to The Golden Truth. Epico has over ten years of experience whilst Primo is close to eighteen; they shouldn’t be the jobber team.

A move back to NXT could provide the lime light they need to showcase their talent. However — even with the departure of The Revival — NXT still boasts two monstrous heel teams in The Authors of Pain and SAnitY. An easy solution would be to just turn them face, but NXT isn’t short of face teams either. #DIY and new emerging team lead the charge as the faces of the tag team division.

It’s a shame; the pair have been in WWE since 2011 and only saw a real push with their championship reign in 2012. Currently, they seem to just be cameos in matches like the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Hopefully, WWE soon sees their worth and gives them something to do. The WWE tag division could do with less jobbers and more championship contenders.