WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Back to NXT Right Now

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3. Apollo Crews

At one point, Uhaa Nation was seen as one of pro wrestling’s biggest prospects. Both athletically and technically gifted, Apollo Crews seemed the perfect WWE guy.

An NXT alumni himself, many believed he was brought up too soon, as his character wasn’t that developed yet. Those who believed in him hoped that WWE would give him the right tools to succeed. But, after a full year on the main roster, Crews is still badly booked.

Most recently, Apollo Crews was involved in a feud with Dolph Ziggler alongside Kalisto. The man has gone from competing against Finn Balor for the NXT championship to non-title feuds on Smackdown Live.

Apollo needs a resurgence in character, and a trip back to NXT might help. With the departure of Shinsuke Nakamura, the ‘yellow brand’ is missing a top babyface. Apollo Crews could fill the hole left.

Time in NXT, where he can be rotated in and out each week, will allow him to develop his character more without it feeling forced. Always smiling and saying “too easy” obviously isn’t getting him over, which is no fault of his own.

Hopefully, come the Superstar Shakeup, things will finally start to shape up for Apollo Crews.