WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Back to NXT Right Now

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1. Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze the fashion cop. What was a promising debut has now spiraled downhill.

Tyler Breeze spent five years in WWE developmental, honing his craft. Looking back in retrospect, he would be on NXT’s Mount Rushmore. He wasn’t just good for NXT standards, he was #61 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 Singles Wrestlers 2015. He was trusted with wrestling the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger at NXT Takeover: Brookyln. He’s been in a number of amazing classes with Neville, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd. He never won the NXT Championship but that was alright, he didn’t need to.

His debut received a pop, he should’ve gotten further on the main roster. He had a great character, which was made all the better due to the man’s passion for it.

But, one booking mistake after another and he now finds himself a fashion cop in Breezango.

He needs to go back to NXT, but it won’t be starting from scratch. His return to Full Sail would be welcomed by the crowd, like welcoming back a hero. Straight away there’d be a story too. He realised he left without winning the NXT Championship, thus starting his crawl towards the crown.

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Who else needs to go back to NXT? And, what does that say about WWE booking?