Seth Rollins Uses New WWE Finisher After Raw? (Video)


Follow Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, it seems Seth Rollins tested out a new finisher.

Seth Rollins had used the Curb Stomp as his finishing move for about a year into his singles run. However, that changed when WWE made him adopt something new, which turned out to be the Pedigree. It went along with his alliance with Triple H, which ended in August 2016.

At WrestleMania 33, Rollins went on to defeat the Game with the Pedigree, ending their feud in the process. If these two aren’t going to be associated anymore on WWE TV, then it only makes sense to give the Architect a new finisher, right?

Well, this was seemingly tested out after Monday’s episode of Raw. Rollins and Chris Jericho teamed to face Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe in the dark match, with the move being broken out in the final moments of the bout.

Jericho dodged a powerbomb from Owens, hit a Codebreaker, and set up Rollins for a knee to the face. He got the pinfall.

This doesn’t have the excitement to of most WWE finishers, but it may just be a placeholder until something new is created. It may take time for this to happen, especially since it feels like every (legal) finishing move has been taken in the past or present. This makes getting creative difficult, and potentially a process.

The next time Rollins is in action on Raw, we’ll see if he breaks out this knee attack again. It didn’t seem to pack a punch with the live crowd, but that comes after a long three-hour show. Maybe more enthusiasm will be shown with it the next time around — if Rollins is still using it.

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If this is Seth Rollins’ new WWE finishing move, do you approve of it? Should it be changed again?